St. Agnes Hospital May Tolerate Blacks, But They Covet Whites. WHY?

It is all about the money. Whites have money, local Blacks don't have money and St. Agnes Hospital wants that money!

How RACE Influences Business and Marketing and Healthcare Delivery Decisions at St. Agnes Hospital, Every Day. Today, there are specific hospital nursing and physician jobs that are denied to African American men. St. Agnes Hospital has tried to justify this by saying in 2014, 'it is JUST in that one area'! Yes! That is what they said, Just that one area....But today, that discrimination is spreading as it now appears if that 1 area is now 2 and growing...

It is just 'Good Business' to identify your best consumers who spend the most and then cater to them, marketing to them, trying to get them to come back again and again. Whites appear to be the Saint. Agnes Hospital's 'Best Consumer'. The Gold Standard patient. The Preferred patient group.

St. Agnes Hospital sees more insurance income potential in county residing Whites due to an estimated 80% who have better paying private health insurance instead of government insurance.

St. Agnes Hospital and their Foundation, receive millions in tax free donations per year from an almost exclusively White donor base. St. Agnes has a slick, professional, fund raising department whose only goal is to identify potential sources of donations of Cash, Stocks, Bonds, Life Insurance Policies, and real estate. Historically, those sources of donations, again and again, have been from white sources.

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St. Agnes Hospital is solely owned by Ascension Health and is legally organized as a Catholic Charity Hospital, enjoying a 501c3 IRS status for donations. In 2014, the CEO of Ascension was paid over $17,000,000 (17 Million). The combined net worth of St. Agnes Hospital and Ascension is over $31,000,000,000 (31 Billion). St. Agnes Hospital by itself, has so much extra cash, they maintain investment accounts with T. Rowe Price that return about $20,000,000 (20 Million) in interest income to the hospital every year. The bulk of this money is believed to be from White donation sources.

Protecting St. Agnes and their fund raising efforts from African American intrusion goes back for many years. St. Agnes Hospital suffered a huge defeat and business altering event with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights act and equal education related Title IX requirements. This was the beginning of the end of the then 130 year run of White St. Agnes Hospital. But St. Agnes did not integrate willingly. Noooo...

An historical event came when SAH closed their 95 year old nursing school in 1971, in part, to avoid government forced admissions of 'the colored'. This was after the then Archbishop was unable to get a waiver to the new Civil Rights Act and Title IX. Hospital integrations of both patients and staff, across the US lagged behind most business. During the 10 year or so transition period of hospital integration, there were white hospitals and black hospitals, then white wings and black wings, and black nursing or med students went to the black hospital or wing while white students went to the white hospital or wing. St. Agnes's nursing program had no choice but to comply and admit 'the colored' or to close. They closed.

In 2013, St. Agnes Hospital's attorney from Ogletree Deakins, a huge Washington, DC employment law specialists, were face with answering a complaint that 'men' are no longer considered for hire as nurses or physicians, in OB/GYN areas. After consultations with St. Agnes management, it was apparently decided that St. Agnes would admit the discrimination was true, and then DEFEND their decision to NOT hire or staff 'men' as nurses or physicians in OB/GYN areas. Remember that there was NO anti-male discrimination before the number of Black men as nurses and physicians applying increased.

As such, Saint. Agnes Hospital via their attorneys, released a letter ADMITTING this discrimination does exist as a matter of policy, but further, this anti-male thinking and policy making shall continue. It appears that St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore's flagship Catholic Hospital is the last hospital in the country to openly and actively block African American men, trained and licensed as nurses or physicians, from employment or staffing in OB/GYN areas. This was first publicly disclosed in 2013, and continues today.

Perhaps the worst aspect of this illegal and offensive hiring and staffing policy is that St. Agnes Hospital is further stating that they are discriminating and shall continue the discrimination "TO PROTECT PATIENT'S RIGHTS" Odd thing is that when the majority of men as nurses or physicians were white, there were no concerns about 'protecting the patient's rights'. White Privilege thinking again?

A closer review of the anti-male hiring and staffing bias ongoing at St. Agnes Hospital, is that by intentional design, patients wanting a male physician are left with no easy recourse but to go to another facility that does not discriminate against men in staffing and employment for 'certain jobs'. Howard County General Hospital, owned and operated by Johns Hopkins, just a short drive to the west, lists 40 OB/GYN physicians of which 15 are male and at least 3 of those are African American men. Same geographical area, same patient population base, and no anti-male discrimination policy or restrictions against working in OB/GYN areas. But then they do not focus on DONATIONS as much as St. Agnes.

St. Agnes Hospital designed and implemented a White Friendly Environment and Image ad campaign which to use as a focal point in marketing to white, better insured and higher income residents of Howard and Carroll Counties. This is seen in photos of their TOP NURSES, 7 white women, and in another photo of the Nurse Executive Council, again 5 white women. This is a constant and daily part of a hostile work environment for employees of color, showing that to be the TOP NURSES or on an Executive Council, again you must be white. These specially chosen photos, were chosen to send just the RIGHT message to the RIGHT targeted audience. All a part of the White Friendly Environment and Image persona donation chasing machine, as adopted and maintained by St. Agnes Hospital.

Question: If those photos as used in their marketing efforts, were of only dark skin tone African American nurses, what kind of message would that send? How might a mostly white target audience of the residents of Howard and Carroll Counties receive that message? It was and is, ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

In employment law language, men are barred from working in certain areas (OB/GYN) and denied such employment based on employer policy, regardless of their qualifications and training. Additionally, men, as OB/GYN nurses, including African American men are thereby also denied educational and tuition reimbursement, NSP grants for BSN, MSN and Doctoral degree programs, and denied the benefit of partnership programs with universities that offer discounted tuition for Saint. Agnes Nurses.

The St. Agnes CEO is Keith Vander Kolk and the phone number is 667-234-6000. Call or email the hospital for additional information, or if you want to make a donation, to an organization worth 31 BILLION!, and

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