St. Agnes Racial Hostile Work Environment?

St. Agnes Racial Hostile Work Environment and St. Agnes Hospital's lack of diversity in management level Nursing.

Baltimore has a 66+% African American population. St. Agnes Hospital's zip code has 77+% African American Population.

St. Agnes has stated in Maryland documents, that they "serve a 90% NON-WHITE Primary Service Area", that they are "surrounded" and they openly refer to those living in that 90% NON-WHITE service area as "Poverty Stricken Urban African Americans". These do not appear to be terms of endearment.

It is believed that if St. Agnes Hospital were located out in the county, in a white population majority area, that their Maryland documents would NOT say they serve a '90% NON-BLACK Primary Service Area', that they are 'surrounded' and they surely would not complain that those living in their service area are 'private insured, higher income, well educated Caucasians'. Would they?

Here are two photos from the St. Agnes website. One is of 7 white female nurses, and the photo is used in advertising by St. Agnes and these 7 white women, represent their TOP NURSES. The other photo is of 5 white female nurses representing an Executive Nurse Council, and that photo is also used in marketing St. Agnes Hospital, to a mostly white patients or potential patient base. Where is the diversity? Photos like these, used for marketing St. Agnes Hospital represent several things. A hostile work environment and a constant daily reminder to all non-white nurses, that to be the TOP NURSES or on an Executive Nurse Council, you must be white and female. Additionally, by carefully designing ads, disguised as information about St. Agnes, with both written and visual messages, St. Agnes Hospital intentionally chose white females, grouped them together and then took an intention pictures for advertising purposes. Selecting JUST THE RIGHT people for JUST THE RIGHT photo to send JUST THE RIGHT message to the targeted audience.. white, better educated, females in affluent counties outside Baltimore City. It is known as 'Get The Mom, you Get the Family' in advertising. It is 'mom' who most often uses the internet to research healthcare needs and providers.

Nurses At St Agnes


Question: If these two photos as used in marketing by St. Agnes Hospital were of groups of dark skin tone African American men and women as nurses... What 'message' might that send and be interpreted by those living out in the counties, the known and preferred hunting ground targeted by St. Agnes Hospital in their quest to obtain more patients with better paying private insurance and the ability to make a donation? It may be assumed that by carefully selecting white female nurses, posing them for a photo, St. Agnes Hospital either has no African American nurses they deem comparable to these white nurses, OR, that by using minority nurses that the viewer might assume that St. Agnes Hospital, located in an urban area, is no longer a Catholic Hospital but has morphed into a Urban Community Hospital. Which is has! Apparently this may not fit in with the advertising model that St. Agnes Hospital uses to market to, and effectively attract, those patients with better paying private insurance and a history of making tax free cash and Legacy Gifts to the hospital

Nothing here is meant to say that any of these women in the photos are racists or acting in any inappropriate manner. However they must have consented to allow St. Agnes Hospital to use their likeness in advertising the hospital services and they are logically assumed to be 'representative' of the nursing staff at St. Agnes Hospital, in Baltimore, a city of 66+% African Americans. This website is providing for alternate interpretations of what message is being conveyed by St. Agnes Hospital and how that message may be interpreted differently depending on the viewers race and education level.

These special photos and others are put up and maintained by Vitamin Is Good, the chosen Public Relations firm that markets and maintains the St. Agnes Hospital website. They seem to do good work in designing and promoting JUST the RIGHT ads. They Can Be Reached Here By Clicking This Link

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